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Valentine's Day Approaches...

So, it’s that time of year again. A slightly weird time of year. Something of a flat area in the landscape of the annual cycle of months.


You’ve had time to recover from the post-Christmas slump. You’ve decreased the number of times you visit the gym each week after signing up with such enthusiasm on New Year’s Day. You no longer feel the pressure to avoid alcohol or eat vegan because that’s a January thing.


But...the weather is rubbish. It’s always dark. Work is same same. Everyone is still feeling broke after the festive season. It’s all a bit meh.


And that’s where the powers that be decided to insert possibly the most polarising celebration of them all — Valentine’s Day.


According to a recent survey, only 19% of us Brits actually like or love Valentine’s Day. A quarter of us dislike or hate it, while 53% feel apathetic towards it. Presumably the remaining 3% were too fatigued by the prospect of the day to even respond to the question!


I have to say, I can see why people are not too keen on the day dedicated to love. For some of us, it’s not hugely appealing to have to buy an overpriced, oversized, heart-covered card before squeezing in among all the other couples in town at the balloon-filled, special-menu-toting local restaurant. There is a lot of pressure to feel particularly smitten with and devoted to your significant other for 24 hours.


For others among us, who are not in a relationship or are unable to be with their partner on the day, it can feel a bit exclusive.


Some of my friends — both coupled up and single — have embraced Galentine’s Day instead, choosing to celebrate their great friendships. Others ignore the day, trying to make it pass faster by taking advantage of all the already-available Easter goodies on the shelves and pretending that it’s nearly spring.


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