Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding is an adventure sport, so it does have inherent risks. However, as with other outdoor activities, it is very safe when practised correctly. At Mile High Paragliding, we use high quality flying equipment, only fly at recognised sites, and always respect the weather conditions.


Your safety is our priority, and if we have any concerns at all, we won't fly.

How do I book a flight?

You can book a flight online by clicking on "Book a flight" at the top, right-hand side of the page. We will ask you to choose your flight type and will then direct you through the booking process to pick a date and make the payment.


If you'd prefer to book by phone or email, please don't hesitate to call or email us using the details under "Contact us."

I have been parasailing before. Is this the same?

Um no. And definitely don't ask Ian this one! When you go parasailing, you are towed behind a boat, attached to a parachute-style wing. Your direction is controlled by the boat, which you remain attached to, and you have very little (if any) control over where you go.


Paragliding is free flight under a high-tech, ram-air airfoil, which the pilot uses to control the direction of flight and (to some extent) the speed. It's much cooler, trust us!

What does paragliding feel like?

First-timers often describe their flight as "breathtaking" and "spiritual," saying that they fulfilled their dream of flying like a bird. Paragliding is flying in its simplest form, so it's the closest you can get to this experience. People are often surprised by how comfortable they feel in the air and love how they feel "at one" with the skies.


Flying in smooth weather on a paraglider can be surprisingly calm and relaxing. Of course, if you want a more exciting flight, there are ways of making that happen...

I'm scared of heights — can I still fly?

It is possible to fly if you're scared of heights. Many nervous people have braved a flight before and surprised themselves by loving every minute.


Your feet will be on the ground at the start and end of the flight, and once you are airborne you won't be expected to do anything other than sit and try to relax! Your pilot will have full control of the wing at all times.


It is also worth noting that that there is no "jump" off the hill. Instead, you are gently lifted off the ground, so you won't get that plummeting feeling in your stomach. We can also limit the height at which you fly. Worst case, if you find that you are too scared once in the air, it is also possible for us to end the flight early. Please note that we will not be able to offer a discount for this.


On the other hand, it is key for your safety and the pilot's that you are able to run to the edge of the hill without stopping or sitting down, and that you won't panic in the sky and grab important parts of the equipment, so if your fear is crippling, this might not be the sport for you!

If you are unsure, please do contact us or pop along to one of our sites to see how you feel when you see other passengers flying.

Can I change my choice of flight once I am flying?

If you have booked a Fun Flight with us and decide mid-air that you want to extend it to the Adventure Flight, please speak to your pilot straight away. If there is no other passenger lined up and the weather conditions are suitable, we can do this for you.


Please note though that the difference in flight cost will be due on landing. It is not possible to switch from the Adventure Flight to the Fun Flight midway through the flight.


On any flight, if you are feeling uncomfortable and want to land early, please just let your pilot know and he will get you back down to the ground as soon as it is possible to do so safely.

What do I need to bring on the day?

Please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly, remembering that it will be colder in the sky than on the ground! You will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can run a few metres in and should have trainers or walking boots on your feet. We will provide you with a helmet.


If it's sunny, please bring suncream and sunglasses. If it's cold, we recommend wearing several layers of clothing and a windproof jacket.


There is not much space in the harness for your belongings, so please limit what you bring or be prepared to leave it in your vehicle or with a companion. You will not be allowed to carry anything on your flight, including phones, tablets, and cameras, so please ensure that any loose items can be packed away.


If the weather is changeable, you may need to wait a while for your flight, so please bring water and some snacks.

My friend/partner and I both want to fly on the same day. Can we book together?

Yes. We can fly couples or two individuals on the same day and often straight after each other so we do not take up too much of your day. 


Please note that you will not be able to fly at the exact same time, but we will always try to organise your flights to be consecutive.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

We offer a Group Package for 3 or more people booking together for the same date.


If your group consists of 10 or more people all wanting to fly, please contact us by phone or email to discuss the price.

How do I get to the flying site?

All of the flying sites that we use are reachable by car and have places where you can park. We will give you the details of the site we'll be using the day before your flight and will make sure that you are clear on where to go.

If you don't have access to a car and need to use public transport, please contact us at the time of booking and we will see if we can organise a lift for you at a lower cost than a taxi.

Are there any limitations on who can fly?

The minimum age for a passenger is 14 years, and any passengers under the age of 18 years will need written consent from a parent or guardian.

There is no maximum age as long as you are relatively fit and in good health. You do not need to be an athlete but you may have to run a short distance for take off.

You must weigh between 40kg and 100kg (when dressed) to be able to fly. If we believe you to be outside this range then we may ask you to step on our scales, as it could be unsafe for you and the pilot if you are too light or too heavy.

We will not fly anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We are also unable to fly anyone who is pregnant.

If you have any special needs and are unsure whether or not they may prevent you from flying, please phone or email us to discuss.

We aim to share the experience of flight with anyone who wants to fly but there are some restrictions.

Can I buy a flight for someone as a gift?

Of course! A tandem paragliding flight is an excellent gift. Please select the option to buy a voucher and add your details. We will send you all the necessary details to pass on to the recipient, and they can then contact us to select a date for their flight.

I can't find the answer to my question here. What should I do?

If you need extra information that you can't find on the website, please contact us by phone or email.

We love hearing from our customers and want to share the amazing experience of flight with you, so don't be shy about contacting us. Whether you want more information or simply fancy a chat about paragliding, just drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help.