See what our customers have to say about our tandem paragliding experiences:

  • Highly recommend!


    Date of tandem flight: 21 Jun 2019

    I thoroughly recommend flying with Ian - he is very experienced and puts you at ease.

  • Mile High Paragliding Review


    Date of tandem flight: 18 May 2019

    First time paragliding and got nervy as the flight got closer. The instructor was fab though and I felt comfortable as we got ready for take-off. The actual flight was excellent. Went along the coast, taking in the views. The glide felt really smooth and exciting.

  • Paragliding over the cliffs at Newhaven


    Date of tandem flight: 25 Aug 2018

    Experienced pilot Ian took me for a fantastic flight over the cliffs at Newhaven. Ian gave really clear instructions when we were on the ground and in the air. I felt at ease at all times. I loved it.

  • Tandem paragliding flight


    Date of tandem flight: 21 Jul 2018

    I'd booked a flight with Ian at Newhaven. As soon as we met Ian made me feel very at ease. Friendly and chatty I felt very comfortable. He went through the whole experience explaining what would happen and all the safety was covered extremely well. All my questions were answered. He has a great rapport and he is so passionate about what he does. The flight was fantastic all along the shore line and he communicated all the time throughout the flight. I would thoroughly recommend ian and his company. Have a won't regret it!

  • Paragliding on the south coast


    Date of tandem flight: 7 Jul 2018

    Having never been paragliding before and not knowing what to expect, I can say that this was a great experience that I can’t wait to do again. The team are great and really put you at ease!