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Tandem paragliding in Sussex

Passenger story

Having had incredible tandem paragliding experiences in Nepal and Southern Spain, I thought it was about time I tried it out in my home county, East Sussex. Here, the South Downs, ridges, and seaside cliffs provide loads of beautiful sites for paragliders to find adventure and adrenaline. These includes Mount Caburn, Newhaven, Devil’s Dyke, and the famous site of Beachy Head.

After booking a date for my tandem experience, I waited, fingers crossed, to see what the weather would bring! A few days before, I was told by the pilot that we would probably be paragliding at Newhaven cliffs. Knowing the English weather, I was ready for a last-minute change, but Thursday brought beautiful sunshine and perfect wind, so the flight was confirmed.

After meeting the tandem paragliding pilot in the car park, we walked up the path to the top of the hill, the pilot carrying the huge bag containing the paragliding wing I would shortly be flying under. At the top of the hill, we were met by a beautiful view across the sea and white cliffs. I waited, excited about the adventure to come, while the equipment was set up.

Once the wing was ready, I was helped into the harness, and everything was checked over for safety. I was then attached to the paragliding pilot and was ready to go! As the pilot lifted the wing, I felt myself pulled back, but remembered my instructions to run, run, run! As I ran forwards I felt myself lift up and we were airborne!

Once I sat down in the harness, I was able to enjoy the feeling of flying along the seafront, looking out to sea or down to the beach below. The paragliding wing took us up and down the side of the cliffs, gradually gaining height in the thermals. After flying for about 20 minutes, we started to head towards landing. The adrenaline built as we approached the beach and the ground got closer. Waving to people sunbathing on the beach, we glided in and landed gently on our feet on the beach. Another amazing tandem paragliding experience!

This is an excellent option for something to do in East Sussex, and an easy journey from London. A great idea for a gift for friend or family too!