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Christmas gifts

All I want for Christmas...

Although the holiday season brings us many excellent things — time with friends and family, mulled wine, chocolate for breakfast, for example — the endless list of presents that need buying is not one of them.

This year, it seems more difficult than ever before. Mark has gone vegan, Liz is practicing minimalism, Jason is eschewing all products containing palm oil, Uncle Steven is only wearing sustainable clothing, and Aunty Beth is trying to live without using any plastic. Meanwhile, Frank has an intolerance to dairy, Michael has a nut allergy, and Sarah is only eating nonacidic foods. You can’t buy Tony anything that reminds him of his ex, Poppy “doesn’t agree with consumerism” but you’ve drawn her in the office Secret Santa, and Emily finds things with sharp edges anxiety-inducing.

Tempting as it may be to book a hotel in another city (or country!) and hibernate for the obligatory week of festive fun, we propose another solution: If you have a difficult-to-buy-for person on your recipient list, get them a tandem paragliding flight!

Tandem paragliding is nonmotorized (so no pollution), sustainable (we can use the same flying equipment for many flights), and cruelty-free. It’s also great fun and a wonderful way to see all that lovely nature that we’re trying to protect.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get anything more exciting for Christmas than a new mug or some slipper socks, but think how good you’ll feel when your lovely friend or family member is having the experience of a lifetime thanks to you!

If that’s not enough of an incentive, we have also reduced our prices in the runup to Christmas. You could even buy yourself a flight to celebrate the end of the present-buying nightmare (for another year at least)!