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Tandem paragliding experience on a day out from London

Yet another amazing passenger and an incredible experience sharing the air with Adam. We were lucky to fly Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs, one of the most beautiful sites in England. With scenic views all the way to the North Downs towards London and beautiful views of the South coast when high, it is clear to see why this flying site is so popular.

We got to the Devil’s Dyke pub on a cool September morning and were greeted with some lovely flying conditions. The cool morning and clear skies allowed for excellent thermal development in the flat land out the front of take-off. After a short introduction to paragliding and a safety brief we took to the air, launching from the gently sloping hill in front of the pub. Once in the air, we used the gently rising air to gain loads of height above take-off and enjoy the views over the back towards Brighton and along the South Downs.

We flew for about 30 minutes, gaining height in the ridge lift and thermals that rolled through. We flew with others and even got a master class in flying from one of the local Red Kites that are common on the South Downs. The birds of prey are great indicators of where we can find lift and they help us stay in the air as we follow them to the next thermal.

The weather was perfect, and the company was great in the sky, so thank you Adam for flying with me. I love to share the amazing experience with people and flying someone for the first time is always very special. Passengers go through a whole range of emotions pre- and during flight and seeing their happy smiling faces when they experience flight for the first time is what makes it so special.

Adam’s testimonial:

“What a great experience! I had a fantastic day at the perfect location with great views. Ian is a great guide and taught me so much about paragliding. I loved the flight and would highly recommend it!”

Both of our flight packages come with a complementary professionally edited video using the latest 360 degree camera. Please click on the link to see the edited video of this flight.